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Nepalese Army and US Marine in Action

U.S. Marines and Nepalese soldiers deliver 4,000 pounds of supplies including food, hygiene kits and shelter from Kathmandu, Nepal, May 5 to areas affected by the earthquake.


The idea of building safe houses which have minimum earthquake impacts should be planted into the minds of all Nepalese. Houses especially in the rural areas need not be big for a family to live in. Small and functional houses should the priority of the rebuilding effort.


The building of these houses will be fast. We can easily recover the damage the earthquake has done to the old houses by replacing those houses with these light and low cost model houses which are earthquake-friendly.


We will make every non private information available to public. The fund we are collecting will be made public and will be open for anyone to review.

Lesson learned from Haiti.
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The Cause ...

The entire territory of Nepal lies in high seismic hazard zone. Recent earthquake shows that houses are the main factor for number of casualties.